Linear Velocity Tomography ®

Breast Imaging:

  • No harmful X-Ray Ionizing radiation.
    Radio Frequency Imaging at Cellphone frequencies, enables screening and  diagnostic imaging anytime, at any age, even during pregnancy, without fear of cumulative effect of ionizing radiation.

  •  3D Imaging of the Breast in less than a minute, without the painful Breast Compression, in spite of imaging of the Pendant Breast up to the rib cage.

  • Immensely clearer image due to high contrast as compared with X-Ray Imaging.

  • Highlighting of the Angiogenesis Effect characterizing Malignancy, due to high contrast between blood and non-malignant tissue.

  • In case of suspected Malignancy, provides opportunity to delay surgery by measuring growth rate of the tumor, in order to assess aggressiveness and/or test in-situ growth elimination by cryo-freezing, radiation and.or chemo-therapy.

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Linear Velocity Tomography ®

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