Elscint Tomography develops medical diagnostic equipment based on "Linear Velocity Imaging Tomography", invented by Dr. Avraham Suhami.

For an overview description of this innovative medical imaging technology and its implications, see The Essence Of Velocity Tomography paper. 

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History - Previous Company Life Cycle

The original Elscint Ltd. was created by Dr. Avraham Suhami in 1969, who managed and lead the company for it's first 16 years.  Under Dr. Suhami's leadership, Elscint became a major player and a world leader in the Global Medical Equipment Industry.  For more information about the previous Elscint, see:
The New York Times articles:
         "Market Place; Manufacturing CAT Scanners"

  -  Wikipedia article: Elscint

  -  Watch an episode of Enterprise: "Million Dollar Scan -- 1984 (Elscint)".

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