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Pilot Project Offers Hope for Safer Breast Cancer Screening
October 2016 - a new research agreement was signed by Rambam and Elscint Mammography concerning a new imaging device that will be designed to enable early detection of breast cancer. Dr. Avraham Suhami, founder of the legendary Elscint Company, established a new company this year called Elscint Mammography. Elscint Mammography's new prototype device operates on the principle that the velocities of electromagnetic waves in the body will provide tissue signatures that can be used to detect breast masses, hold promise to differentiate between benign and malignant lesions, and may predict response to appropriate therapy. Because the new technology uses no ionizing radiation, it has a major advantage compared to conventional mammography that uses x-rays to make images.

Rambam cooperates with industry in a wide variety of novel technologic breakthroughs. This latest agreement is exemplary of the advancement of research by a clinical academic center of excellence.

Prof. Javitt, Director of Radiology at Rambam, added that “This is exactly the type of breakthrough technology that can enable translational research. I look forward to seeing the advances that marry together emerging biotechnology with optimal personalized clinical care.”

 Globes article (10/12/2016).

Click the image below (English/Hebrew) to see the Globes 10/12/2016 article which followed an interview with Prof. Javitt and Dr. Suhami.

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